Integrated Fish Farm

Nazma and Mahbub’s integrated fish farm ( Fish with vegetables)

Nazma was the FFS member of 5th cycle FFS and the modules were on fisheries-poultry-nutrition. There was a session on dyke cropping. Nazma showed her interest to join with FFS as her husband leased in a 13 decimal pond for fish cultivation. The FFS was at Sonakhali under polder 43/1A. Mainly her husband is a fish farmer. Mahbub became a co-learner with Nazma. He always attended the FFS sessions with her to enrich his learning on fish production. Nazama’s pond was selected as a trial pond for this FFS. So the proper technologies for fish production were practiced with that pond. The practiced technologies were dike repairing, aquatic weed and undesirable species control (pre-stocking management), average stocking density, quality fingerling selection, (stocking density in mixed culture pond),  fertilization for production of natural feed , use of lime and its application rate, supplementary feed preparation and application, sampling , harvesting maintaining of water quality etc.

Mahabub came forward and followed every technology for fish production. Nazma started the dyke cropping. Gourds, Cucumber and Brinjal were cultivated on the dyke. They earned Tk. 40,000 from dyke crop spending Tk. 8,000. From fish cultivation they earned Tk. 1,40,000 and the cost was tk.96,000. So fish with dyke crop increased the income double. The gross profit they earned was Tk. 76,000 After their harvesting the pond owner became enthusiastic and took his pond back for his own fish cultivation.

Then Nazma’s family leased another 24 decimal ponds and continued fish production this year. Mahabub cultivated bitter gourds on the dykes as the price of bitter gourd is  good round the year. Mahabub turned his 7 decimal rice field with vegetable production. Mahabub and Nazma said that the lessons on fish cultivation they learned from FFS were clear, specific and effective. They are spending their earning to educate their children and invest on agriculture field.