Agricultural Production

Food Security and Agricultural Production

Agricultural Production 02
Agricultural Production 01This component organises Farmer Field Schools (FFS) based on experiences of the DANIDA funded AEC and RFLDC projects. FFS are linked to the Water Management Groups (WMG) in the polders to educate and assist male and female farmers to increase productivity in crops, aquaculture and livestock. The scope for increased productivity is created through improved water management (polder rehabilitation) and strong WMG’s (responsible for O&M in the polders). The FFS and the introduction of Polder Development Plans bring higher agricultural production, resulting in improved supply of nutritious foods at lower prices at local retail markets; improved food security and food use through greater awareness and behavioural change of the polder communities.
2013-11-09 11.04.23 Bangladesh Calf 2013-11-09 11.39.07 Bangladesh Chicken