Seminar on fisheries


Representatives of DoF, BWDB, DAE, BGP-TA attending the seminar

A seminar entitled “Economic Development of Polder Dwellers Through Fisheries Activities” was organized by the Blue Gold Program in Khulna on 18th September, 2019. Department of Fisheries-officers from District and Upazilla level were present at the seminar. A brief summary of Blue Gold Program’s fisheries development activities was shared with the audience. The seminar provided an opportunity for participants to share best practices the lessons learnt. As a result, government officials and WMO representatives can easily link up in the future. There is good hope that the Department of Fisheries will continue the successful approaches in their future plans.

Participants: 74

Polders: 2, 22, 26, 29, 30, 31P, 25, 27/1, 27/2, 28/1, 28/2, 34 (total: 12)

Attending representatives from: