Resource Farmers Capacity Building Training

A day-long training for Resource Farmers (RF) entitled Resource Farmers Capacity Building was held for two batches of participants in the training room of the Blue Gold Patuakhali Office on 15 February and 17 February 2016. A total of 49 first and second year RFs from different Market Oriented Farmers Field Schools attended the training program. The Business Development Component of the Blue Gold program organized the training while Business Development Coordinators (BDCs) of Patauakhali region facilitated the sessions.

RF Training 1                   RF Training 2

The objective of the training program was to enhance the understanding of the Blue Gold program approach. Special attention was given to farmer- and business development activities, and the RF’s capacity development to expand their role and function in present and future implementation work. RFs were trained in forming and strengthening of Collective Action Groups (CAG) to reduce the cost of production or marketing and ensuring access to quality inputs and competitive markets. In addition, the contribution of RFs was explored in accessing  different services and information from related government and non-government organization,  financial institutions and private sectors. All participants being members of Water Management Groups (WMG), it was especially emphasized on participants’ sharing of their knowledge within WMGs to effectively contribute in water management in the catchment they are part of.

It is envisaged that MFS and non-MFS members will benefit from utilizing such market relations, services and information facilitated through the RF. In future, the RFs should be able to play a vital role in the economic development of the polders beyond the Blue Gold’s program duration.