Blue Gold Program Orientation for Bakulbaria and Kalagachia Union Parishad

Bakulbaria and Kalagachia Union Parishads (UP) are within the newly selected polder-55/2C under Galachipa Upazila of Patuakhali district. These UPs needed orientation on the Blue Gold Program as the UP representatives were not well aware about the program.

Orientation for the UP functionaries for Bakulbaria and Kalagachia UPs were held on 13 and 14 December 2015 at Lamna Technical Institute and Khairuzzoma Government Primary. UP Chairman, all female and male UP members, UP Secretary, WMG Ad-hoc Committee Convener and members participated in these orientations. Participants were briefed on the project objectives, targets, duration, area, activities, stakeholders and their role, role of UP, and possible areas of cooperation and coordination. There were 20 participants from UP and WMGs in each orientation. Sub-Assistant Agriculture Officers (SAAO) of DAE attended both the orientations.

UP OrinentationP55_2C 1         UP OrinentationP55_2C 2

All four Activity Clusters of the Blue Gold Program made presentation about their activities and possible areas of cooperation between WMO and UP. Information was presented on gender, environment, DRR, institutional strengthening while highlighting the role of UP as advisor to the WMOs. Different queries of the UP representatives were answered during the question answer sessions.

The UP representatives thanked the Blue Gold program for the orientation that made them aware about the project. They expressed their commitment to support project activities and cooperation among the stakeholders. They assured to include WMO representatives in UP Standing Committees, Union Disaster Management Committee (UDMC), Union Development Coordination Committee (UDCC), and to establish link with the WMG based DRR Volunteer Groups. Both WMG and UP representatives showed their enthusiasm to work together for the development of the community through improved and sustainable water management. They requested the project authority to take necessary steps ensuring quality of activities.

Community Organizers (CO) and Farmer Field Organizers (FO) of Blue Gold Program were introduced in the orientation with a requested to UPs to extend all possible assistance and cooperation to them for effectively performing their activities in the polder.