O&M Agreement Signing Ceremony

Agreement Signing Program on Operation & Maintenance (O&M) in between 5 Water Management Associations (WMA) of Polder – 25, 27/1, 27/2, 28/1, 28/2, & 34/2, Dumuria & Batighata UZ, Khulna with Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) was held on February 6, 2020 at Ava Center, CSS, Khulna.

The objectives of this program were to sign the O&M agreement by the Water Management Associations (WMAs) & Executive Engineer O&M Division-1&2, BWDB, Khulna and handing over the agreement. In this program WMA Presidents and UP Chairman were presented & discussed the key water management challenges and recommended to overcome them. Chief Water Management, Deputy Director, DAE and Project Coordinating Director acknowledged those challenges and clarify the roles and responsibilities of both the parties to overcome those challenges.

In this program Mr. Mahfuz Ahmod, Chief Water Management, BWDB, Mr. Amirul Hossain, Project Coordinating Director, Blue Gold Program, BWDB, Mr. Pankaj Kanti Majumder, Deputy Director, DAE, Khulna, Mr. Ayub Ali, Chief Extension Officer, BWDB, Mr. Guy Jones, Team Leader, Mr. Alamgir Chowdhury, Deputy Team Leader, Blue Gold Program, UP chairman, WMA representatives, BWDB Engineers and electronic media people were attended the program.