Abbreviation Full name
AAS Aquatic Agricultural Systems
ADB Asian Development Bank
ADP Annual Development Plan
AEC Agricultural Extension Component
AEO Agricultural Extension Officer
AESA Agro Eco-System Analysis
AFP Axial Flow Pump
AIN Aquaculture for Income and Nutrition Project
AKAS Accounts Keeping and Auditing System (training)
ANEP Agriculture and Nutrition Extension Project
ARM Annual Review Mission
ASPS Agricultural Sector Program Support
AWIS Annotated Water Integrity Scan
BADC Bangladesh Agricultural Development Corporation
BARI Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute
BAU Bangladesh Agricultural University
BBS Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics
BBT Ballot Box Test
BDC Business Development Coordinator
BDT Business Development Team
BEE Business Enabling Environment
BETS Bangladesh Engineering and Technological Services Ltd.
BGP Blue Gold Program
BINA Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture
BRAC Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee
BRRI Bangladesh Rice Research Institute
BUET Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
BWDB Bangladesh Water Development Board
C&S Credit & Saving
C1 Component 1 of Blue Gold (Community Mobilisation and Institutional Strengthening)
C2 Component 2 of Blue Gold (Integrated Water Resources Management)
C3 Component 3 of Blue Gold (Food Security and Agricultural Development)
C4 Component 4 of Blue Gold (Business Development and Private Sector Involvement)
C5 Component 5 of Blue Gold (Livelihood Improvement and Cross Cutting Issues)
CA Collective Action
CAHW Community Animal Health Worker
CAP Community Action Plan
CAWM Community Agricultural Water Management
CBO Community-Based Organisation
CDMP Comprehensive Disaster Management Program
CDSP Char Development and Settlement Project
CDSP III &IV Char Development and Settlement Project Phase III & and Phase IV
CEGIS Center for Environmental and Geographic Information Services
CEIP Coastal Embankment Improvement Project
CGIAR Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research
CIG Common Interest Group
CIMMYT International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center
CL Component Leader
CLW Community Livestock Worker
CO Community Organizer
CPD Coordinating Project Director
CPWF Challenge Programme on Water and Food
CSISA Cereal Systems Initiative for South Asia
CUB Concern Universal Bangladesh
CVASU Chittagong Veterinary And Animal Sciences University
CWM Chief Water Management
CWM Community Water Management
CYS Courtyard Session
DAE Department of Agricultural Extension
DAM Department of Agricultural Marketing
DANIDA Danish International Development Agency
DCEO District Chief Extension Officer
DCL Deputy Component Leader
DCRMA Disaster and Climate Risk Management in Agriculture
DEM Digital Elevation Map
DLO District Livestock Officer
DLS Department of Livestock Services
DoC or DOC Department of Cooperatives
DoF or DOF Department of Fisheries
DP III Department of Planning III
DPP Development Project Proposal / Development Project Proforma
DRR Disaster Risk Reduction
DT Departmental Trainer
DTL Deputy Team Leader
ECRRP Emergency Cyclone Recovery & Restoration Project
EE Executive Engineer
EIA English In Action
EKN Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
EMM Euroconsult Mott MacDonald
EUR Euro
EWM Equitable Water Management
FAO Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
FBA Farm Business Adviser
FBC Farm Business Cluster
FBG Farmer Business Group
FBG Farm Business Group
FBS Farmers Business School
FCD Flood Control and Drainage
FCDI Flood Control, Drainage and Irrigation
FF Farmer Facilitator
FFD Farmers Field Day
FFS Farmers Field Schools
FGD Focus Group Discussion
FMA Farm Management Analysis
FO Farmers Organization
FO FFS Organizer
FSB Fruit and Shoot Borer
FT Farmer Trainer
FTF-AQ Feed the Future – Aquaculture Project
FY Financial Year
FYM Farm Yard Manure
G4AW Geodata for Agriculture and Water
GAP Gender Action Plan
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GFFDP Greater Faridpur Fisheries Development Project
GIS Geographic Information System, Geographical Information System
GLD Gender and Leadership Development
GoB Government of Bangladesh
GoN Government of the Netherlands
GPWM Guidelines for Participatory Water Management
ha Hectare
HH Household
HHH Household Head
HIES Household Income and Expenditure Survey
HL Horizontal Learning
HYV High Yielding Variety
ICM Integrated Crop Management
ICT Information and Communications Technology
ICZMP Integrated Coastal Zone Management Program
iDE International Development Enterprises
IFAD International Fund for Agricultural Development
IF Innovation Fund
IFI International Financing Institutions
IFM Integrated Farm Management
IFMC Integrated Farm Management Component
IGA Income Generating Activity
ILO International Labor Organization
ILT Improved Livelihoods Team
IMED Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Division
IP/C Input Providers / Collectors
IPM Integrated Pest Management
IPSWAM Integrated Planning for Sustainable Water Management
IPWM Internal Polder Water Management
IR Inception Report
IRRI International Rice Research Institute
IWM Institute of Water Modeling
IWMI International Water Management Institute
IWRM Integrated Water Resources Management
JPMC Joint Polder Management Committee
KII Key Informant Interview
LCG Local Consultative Group
LCS Landless Contracting Societies / Labor Contracting Societies
LF Local Facilitator
LFW Logical Frame Work
LG Local Government
LGED Local Government Engineering Department
LGI Local Government Institutions
LLWP Low Lift Water Pump
LSP Local Service Provider
M&E Monitoring and Evaluation
M4P Markets for the Poor
MASP Multi-Annual Strategic Plan
MDG Millennium Development Goal
MFC Multi-Functional Cooperative
MFS Market Oriented Farmer Field School
MFI Micro Finance Institution
MoA Ministry of Agriculture
MoFL Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock
MoU Memorandum of Understanding
MTR Mid-Term Review
NARS National Agricultural Research System
NATP National Agricultural Technology Project
NGO Non Government Organisation
NMTPF National Medium-Term Priority Framework
ODK Open Data Kit
OM Organizational Management
O&M Operation and Maintenance
PAR Participatory Action Research
PBP Polder Business Plan
PCC Polder Coordination Committee
PCD Project Coordination Director
PD Project Director
PDP Polder Development Plan
PF Producer Group Facilitator
PG Producer Group
PMC Project Management Committee
PPP Public Private Partnership
PROOFS Profitable Opportunities for Food Security
PSC Programme Steering Committee
PTD Participatory Technology Development
RF Resource Farmer
RFLDC Regional Fisheries and Livestock Development Component
SAAO Sub-Assistant Agricultural Officer
SAFAL Sustainable Agriculture, Food security and Linkages
SCDP Second Crop Diversification Project
SDC Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation
SDE Sub-Divisional Engineer
SHHP Small Household Ponds
SME Small and Medium Enterprise
SPEMP Strengthening Public Expenditure Management Program
SPPS Strengthening Plant Protection Services project
SPPS-2 Strengthening Plant Protection Services project Phase 2
SRDI Soil Resources Development Institute
SRHR Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights
SRI System of Rice Intensification
SSSWRDSP Second Small-Scale Water Resources Development Sector Project
SSWRDSP Small Scale Water Resources Development Sector Project
SVC Strengthened Value Chains
SWAIWRPMP Southwest Area Integrated Water Resources Planning and Management Project
SWOT Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats
TA Technical Assistance
TL Team Leader
TNA Training Needs Analysis / Training Needs Assessment
ToC Theory of Change
TOF Training of Facilitators
TOT Training of Trainers
TRM Tidal River Management
TTAP-BGP Transfer of Technology for Agricultural Production under Blue Gold Program (DAE component)
UA Unified Approach
UAO Upazila Agricultural Officer
UMS Urea Molasses Straw
UN United Nations
UP Union Parishad
USAID United States Agency for International Development
UWP Unified Work Process
VAP Village Action Plan
VC Value Chain
VCA Value Chain Analysis
VCD Value Chain Development
VCS Value Chain Selection
VDP Village Development Plan
VIPP Visualization In Participatory Programs
VT Vocational Training
WASH Water Sanitation and Hygiene education
WB World Bank
WEAI Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index
WF World Fish
WFC World Fish Centre
WIN Water Integrity Network
WLE Water Land and Ecosystems
WMA Water Management Association
WMG Water Management Group
WMIP Water Management Improvement Project
WMO Water Management Organisation
WUR Wageningen University and Research Centre
XEN Executive Engineer (BWDB)