Innovation Fund News

Projects under implementation

At the moment, seven projects are under implementation. Below the most interesting project updates are highlighted:

  • InnoVision Agro Services Ltd. – Pilot on augmenting homestead pangasius aquaculture productivity in three Upazilas of Patuakhali through community participation. In April-May 2018, Innovision conducted a feasibility study to introduce Thai Pangasius in Patuakhali and presented its outcomes with success to BWDB and DOF representatives in Dhaka. Therefore, since June 2018 a 9-month pilot started. Progress is good so far. On 7 July 2018, 30 selected WMG members have been trained and the program was attended by BGP’s PCD, and ponds have been stocked afterwards.
  • mPower – Breed Identification and Digital Registry of Cattle. This 18-month project was one of the best evaluated proposals from the solicited call “Improved Information for Agriculture” and started in mid-March 2018. The project will support a number of WMG members to register their cow including its pedigree and keep record of its performance, deliver tele-veterinary services, test low-cost breed identification techniques and provide recommendations on artificial insemination.
  • MetaMeta – Accelerating Horizontal Learning in BGP Polders: ICT as force multiplier. This project was also one of the best evaluated proposals from the solicited call “Improved Information for Agriculture” and started in May 2018. The project will strengthen ongoing horizontal learning BGP activities by training WMG members to produce their own best practice videos with their mobile phone and best productions will be awarded and widely circulated. Already 2 trainings have been conducted.
  • United Purpose – Women Business Centres (WBC) – At the four WBCs in polder 28/2 and 31-part, the first self-initiated activities and positive results are emerging. The women have increased knowledge of agro-chemicals, are close contact with input providers, like Lalteer Seeds Ltd. and Isphahni, and have established three vegetable demonstration plots with them and business plan for good quality seed marketing. Other achievements are the regular collection of dry basak leaves from 26 producers for sale to ACME, the preparation of 1000 basak saplings, the installation of a solar panel for 16 households in Roypur and the establishment of WISH ponds for aquaculture. 80% of the profits are being reinvested in the centres (while 20% of the profits are used for household expenditure). The total income of the 4 WBCs has increased rapidly: from BDT 4607 in January 2018 to BDT 114,980 in June 2018.
  • United Purpose – Phase II: Sustainable Water through Indigenous Finance & Technology (SWIFT). Since the end of May 2018, United Purpose has started piloting an innovative approach stimulating WMOs to finance and maintain their small-scale water infrastructure through active engagement and lobbying with LGIs, governmental departments or NGOs, or by generating their own revenues contributing to O&M through income generating activities. The activity plan of the project is still very ambitious and will be further fine-tuned with support of the BGP zonal team in Patuakhali.

PCD visiting homestead Pangasius aquaculture productivity demonstration

Women Business Centre at Choighoria, Botiaghata

Participation in Fish Week mela 2018 at Patuakhali jointly by Blue Gold and implementing partner InnoVision Agro Services Ltd.

Projects nearing completion

  • BMSR Agricultural University’sAquaculture intervention in seasonal waterlogged areas in southwest region of Bangladesh (final draft report submitted on 16 June 2018)
  • MetaMeta – Roads for Improved Water Management and Flood Protection (final draft report submitted on 19 July 2018)

Projects completed

  • NHC – Low cost embankment protection measures in tidal rivers (polder 29). The stabilisation of the riverbank with geobags was implemented in July 2017 and post-implementation monitoring took place in November 2017. Final report “Emergency works – polder 29” has been published in June 2018. Brief conclusion is that emergency works have been effective so far, but permanent solutions are required for long term sustainability. (see Tab: Final Reports under IF#09)
  • BAU Germplasm Centre (BAU-GC) – Introduction of new types of lean season fruits and vegetables through PAR. It has been mutually agreed to terminate this contract 2 years earlier than initially planned. The remaining two years of the project, focused on continuation and monitoring the growth of lean season fruits and vegetables will be executed by the farmers and BGP field staff.

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