Horizontal learning program on Women empowerment

BGP organised a horizontal Learning event on Women empowerment dated 30th September, 2019 at Basurabad village of Polder-30, 32 participants participated from 5 different WMGs, where 15 were women. 8 participants (5 female 3male) took part in that event from host WMG who are success in their life as leader and economic empowerment. The WMG members shared their experiences; a case of Suravi many days ago his husband left her and, in that time, she was very vulnerable, but involving different IGAs now she is an economically solvent woman. In the said event respective UP Chairman Mr. Manoranjan Mondal present as a chief guest and Ms. Hasi Rani Roy, Upazila Women Affairs Officer was special guest. The Women Affairs Officer committed to provide some support and assistance like training on different IGA trade from her department and she also suggested to get registration from her office as a women group. UP Chairman also gave word to allocate some budget for women empowerment. UP member WMA president and WMG President also attended this program.