Technical Reports

TR 01_Proceeding_IR Presentation

TR 02_H&S measures December 2013

TR 03_WMO Functionality Assessment Polders 22,30, 43.2D and 43.2F

TR 04_Introduction to ME manual final draft 11.12.13

TR 05 Inventory Geo information for Blue Gold

TR 06_Household Survey Report (Draft)

TR 07_Field Trip Reports 2013

TR 08_Operational Manual for Output and Outcome Monitoring

TR 09_ WMOs Comperative Analysis

TR 10_WMO Functionality Assessment Vol 2 Sept 2014

TR 11_Training Plan 2013-2019

TR_12_Partnership Strategy 2014 -2019

TR_13_BlueGold WMG LGI cooperation Report 05

TR_14_Baseline Survey Report_Feb 2015

TR_15_Communication Strategy_May 2015

TR_16-A_Field Trip Reports from 2014

TR_16-B_Field Trip Reports from 2014

TR_17_Semi Annual Outcome Monitoring Report