Crop Cutting & Harvesting Festival (CAWM)

Community Led Water Management (CAWM)

The Khekhar Khal WMG has implemented a Community Led Agriculture Water Management (CAWM) intervention in 2019 under the Blue Gold Program. For implementation of CAWM intervention, FFS approach has been followed by Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) to implement the intervention. At first, BGP motivated and aware the farmers on the benefit of in-polder water management, community led agriculture and collective actions. In implementation process, BGP and DAE intensively worked together to educate and skill-upgradation of farmers on production technique of the high yielding rice cultivation and introduced Brri dhan 52 in that CAWM area. After 15 to 20 days of transplantation, all the field crops including CAWM area went under water due to heavy rain and there was no scope to drain out the excess water. Some influential people has made several blocked and obstruction in the main Khal for fish cultural resulted water logging for rice farmer. CAWM farmers solved that water congestion situation by the help of WMA and UP Chairmen of Baliatali and Dulasar, which was a challenge. Proper water management has a good impact on yield and the Khekhar Khal WMG has got a very good harvest from the CAWM intervention.

To demonstrate the result of the CAWM intervention to the farming community, they organized a crop cutting/harvesting festival at Chawpara village on 5th December 2020. In that event they invited farmers’ representative from 13 different WMGs of Polder 47/3 and Polder 47/4.

The main purpose of that festival was in three-folds:

  1. To disseminate Brri dhan 52 cultivation techniques to other farmers of Polder 47/3 & 47/4 so that they can replicate these learning and get benefit of higher production;
  2. To share partnership benefits among UPs and GoB line departments for water management conflict resolution, support in rehabilitation small infrastructures for better in-polder water management issues.
  3. To celebrate (express happiness) the CAWM interventions outcome that is the bumper yield of Brri Dhan 52

The crop cutting/harvesting event has designed in three part – sharing of experiences & learning, crop cutting & harvesting competition and cultural activities (drama and folk song). The crop cutting festival concluded with distribution of prizes among the winners. In that festival, the LGI representatives, BWDB Engineers, farmers from Khekhar Khal WMG, representatives of 13 WMGs under Polder 47/3 & 47/4, school teachers and electronic media representative were attended. A total of 97 people have participated and enjoyed that festival.