CAWM Rabi planning workshops

CAWM Rabi Planning Workshop has been organized on Oct 22nd at Patuakhali and 29th at Khulna. The participants were the Lead Farmers & SAAOs of the respective CAWM field, experienced farmers from other CAWM fields, WMA Members, DAE and BWDB officials.  This year a total of 19 (Patuakhali-13, Khulna-6 and Satkhira-2 in different Polders) CAWM catchment/sub-catchments were selected under Khulna, Satkhira and Patuakhali.  The objectives of this daylong workshop were to review the selected CAWM fields water management problems, existing and present situation of the fields, prospectus and plan for Rabi Crops considering all the situation.

They also reviewed and discussed the needs, preferences, other CAWM experiences and challenges of CAWM/SSWMI-WMG members for Rabi season cultivation and select crops considering marketing challenges (related to inputs, outputs, market linkages) for the selected crops to identify possible solutions for the optimum benefits. At the end of the workshop a comprehensive plan for Rabi crops 2019 has been prepared and presented by the CAWM farmers along with SAAOs, CDF and Extension Overseers.

It is noted that one CAWM farmers were cultivated BR 76 as demo plots (50 acre) under Polder 43/2A which they established an example & big hope among the farmers. The DD, DAE and Scientific Officer specially visited that plot as a high potential crop and already BADC offered the farmers to purchase that crops BDT 1100/mound as a seed for the next year.

From the overall observation on the day long workshop is “developed a strong relationship among the WMGs and SAAOs, which in turn the result of collaborative work among the WMO, DAE, Union Parishad. The WMO & SAAOs are already adopted this CAWM concept and highly committed to continue/carryout to expand the CAWM in other areas as their own activities.